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Unusual Perspectives

Unusual Perspectives 38.178° N, 1.3698° W: Unique View of Blanca This work explores Blanca’s building environment as an extension of its culture, traditions and habitants. Through the use of digital photography, this site-specific installation portrays a unique view of Blanca’s architecture aiming to inspire a sense of place and belonging in the community. During a month residency, Avila took hundreds of photographs of Blanca’s building environment while interacting with its people. In the images, the artist worked the multiple lines, forms and planes that coexist in Blanca’s sometimes unnoticed architecture to show the greatness, heritage and beauty of the city and its community. The installation incorporates the sound of a heartbeat as a metaphor for the rich social and cultural life of this amazing place. Medium: 3min Loop, Digital Photography, sound element Aktuelle Architektur Der KulturArtist in Residence, Murcia, Spain Supported by AADK Spain & the City of Blanca, Murcia, Spain August 2017