Installations  Transcending Rhythms  [72]

Transcending Rhythms

Description: Sound element activated by movement, timber, mixed media on canvas; dimensions 7m L x 3m W x 1m H; AMP Building Commission, Bourke Street, Melbourne Concept Statement: A human body contains an estimate of 100 trillion cells, regenerating 1,000,000 cells per minute. the human heart beats 60 to 80 times a minute. This public art project investigates the use of multiples in the public arena by conveying the concepts of cells as the living blocks of life and the pulse as the internal precise synchronization of our being. The work consist of 20 paintings of cells and a sound element incorporating a heart beat from slow to fast. The project is interactive and the sound element is triggered by the viewer's movement. Project supported by the Global Cities Research Centre and RMIT University 2008