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In Memory

“The foot is one of the chief points by which a woman’s social position is judged. If the feet are small, well-shod, and prettily used in walking, they add an additional charm to the appearance, and are an indication of high standing and … of gentle birth” (1870’s Ladies Magazine) The outcome of a two-week artist residency at the King’s Bridge Caretaker’s Cottage in Launceston,‘In Memory’ is a public intervention materialized to pay homage to the thousands of immigrant women who arrived in Tasmania in the 19th century and early 1900s. The three pairs of surviving Victorian antique ladies boots are a truthful statement of the era’s conventions, when women were considered as an image of innocence and silence. This minuscule and narrow footwear, sometimes one or even two sizes smaller than that of the foot itself, used to do all the walking while Victorian ladies were trying to create a new life for themselves by navigating their way around Tasmania’s wilderness. ‘In Memory’ extends my research on the complexities of multiplicity by exploring the unanimous efforts of Victorian women as a group. The work aims to pay tribute to Victorian women’s resilience as many of the freedoms we take for granted nowadays, sprang from the seeds of Victorian women’s unbroken determination to fight for their rights. Description: Victorian Antique Ladies Boots ( 3 Units ); Wool Supported by the Launceston City Council July 2016