Installations  Iconic  [20]


Iconic extends Marynes Avila’s ongoing research on multiples by examining multiplicity in architecture. The work explores the building environment as an extension of ourselves. Through the use of digital photography, this site-specific public art project portrays a unique view of the City of Knox’s architecture and aims to inspire a sense of place and belonging in the community. During a period of five months, Avila travelled to specific locations within the shire and took hundreds of photographs of Knox’s public buildings. In the images, the artist works the multiple lines, forms and planes that coexist in both Knox’s heritage and contemporary landmarks to show the greatness and beauty of the city. Iconic aspires to promote public dialogue through the experience of one’s place and its meaning.. Description: Digital Photography_20 Units Dimensions: Approx. 10m L x 1m H x 3cm D Winner Knox City Council's 2016 Immerse Exhibition Program