Microscopy - Digital Photomicrographs  SiO2  [62]


Gunyah Artist Residency, Port Stevens, NSW 2015 This project is the outcome of my investigation during the Gunyah Artist Residency. ‘SiO2’ is tackled in a microcosmic way. It makes use of a digital microscope and sand to extend on the concept of multiplicity’s complexities. The work is a response to the surrounding landscape, in particular the amazing sand dunes at Dark Point. ‘SiO2’ takes us through a journey of multiplicity not perceived by the naked eye. It reflects on the concept of multiplicity and the estimate that the total number of all the sand grains on the planet could be approximately 2000 billion, billion. Exploring sand grains under the microscope, the outcome unveils the unperceived beauty that surrounds us all and confirms we are the sum of a myriad of particles in a complex universe of multiples. Each sand grain is completely different, which creates digital microphotographs of a unique composition and beauty. Description: Microscopy x40_Digital Photo Micrograph Gunyah Artist Residency, Port Stevens, NSW 2015